Caveman War 2

Several million years ago, the Earth was going through an Ice Age. The entire Earth was just one big block of ice. Mankind had to fight to survive. Unfortunately, various Ice Age era animals tried to stop mankind from fulfilling his destiny, to do stuff. RUN FAST Caveman War 2 is face paced platformer where you must collect food, defeat enemies and get to the goal before you starve to death. Keep running fast or the cold hand of the ice age death will kill you. This game is a platform game similar to Super Mario Bros. or Giana Sisters or Adventure Island or 8-Bit Jump 4.

★ Featuring:

★ Awesome music by SpiffCheeseCo.

★ 27 new levels of action

★ Beautiful 16 Bit Retro Graphics

★ This game is action packed to the fullest of your freezer.

Caveman War 2

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